Hearing Tests

We have teamed up with AMPLIFON to provide free hearing for over 18s.

We understand that your hearing is a really important part of your life, yet it’s something that many people take for granted. Looking after your hearing by having regular check-ups, in the same way you do for your eyes and your teeth, can help you keep your hearing healthy throughout your life.

The FREE Hearing Health Test uses the latest technology which includes:

  • A hearing health screen using Video Otoscopy.
  • Identifying any signs of hearing loss.
  • Check for any build-up of wax or obstructions.
  • Answers any questions you may have regarding the health of your ears.

How does a hearing aid work?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing, hearing aids can help you hear more clearly. These small electronic devices come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn inside or outside the ear.

Most electronic devices are now digital and hearing aids are no exception. Although analogue hearing aids are available, they amplify all sounds including background noise. Amplifon hearing aids are digital and they give you a much clearer, concise sound quality and can be made bespoke to your individual requirements.