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Protecting your child’s eyesight with revolutionary contact lenses

Do you find yourself worrying about whether your child’s glasses are still going to be in one piece by the end of the school day? If they love to play sports, run around the playground or simply act their age with unexpected antics, their glasses could very well end up paying the price.

However, there is an alternative that won’t just correct their short-sightedness but will slow down its progression too — MiSight® contact lenses.

Slowing down short-sightedness

Around one in 3 people in the UK are shortsighted, according to the NHS, and it’s becoming increasingly common in children, cropping up at younger and younger ages.

The consequences of short-sightedness, also known as myopia, go beyond needing vision correction. The more severe myopia becomes, the more likely other eye conditions will occur during adulthood, including glaucoma and retinal detachment.

Slowing down myopia, therefore, protects your child’s vision for years to come.  That’s where MiSight® lenses come in. These soft contact lenses are worn during the day and offer vision correction just as kids prescription glasses do but they also send signals to the eyes which slow down the progression of myopia.

The benefits of MiSight® contacts

Research has shown that myopia is slowed down in children who wear MiSight® lenses by over 50%, but that isn’t the only benefit. Contact lenses mean your child can be as active as they like in the playground or on the sports field without worrying about breaking their glasses. If your child feels self-conscious about wearing glasses, you may even see a confidence boost once they’re wearing contacts.

Contact lenses also offer superior peripheral vision correction compared to kids prescription glasses as they offer an unobstructed view. As for putting them in and taking them out, it takes a little practice but in our experience, children adapt quickly and easily; we’ve successfully fitted children as young as 8 with MiSight® lenses.

MiSight® for your child

If you’d like to find out if MiSight® is right for your child, book a free eye test for your child this half-term at The Optical Shop, your opticians in Staines and one of our experienced opticians will gladly answer all of your questions.