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How can symptoms of dyslexia in children affect their vision?

Most parents are well aware of the condition dyslexia, but have you heard of visual stress? This can be a contributing factor towards dyslexia, making reading and learning difficult for some children. The great news is that we can easily test for visual stress and offer solutions that can help to alleviate associated symptoms. For some children with dyslexia, coloured overlays or precision tinted glasses can make a huge difference to their reading speed and accuracy.

What is visual stress? This term is used to describe visual discomfort experienced whilst reading. Words can appear to move or blur, or lines of text run together. For someone with visual stress, reading can be extremely tiring and frustrating, even bringing on headaches or migraines at times. It’s important to understand that dyslexia and visual stress are not always linked – some children with dyslexia do not have visual stress, and some children who have visual stress do not have dyslexia.

Here at our opticians in Staines, we include a coloured overlay or colorimetry test as part of your child’s free NHS eye test, if we feel it is necessary. Symptoms of dyslexia in children are not always obvious, but our optometrists are experienced in finding out whether they are experienced related visual stress symptoms using a coloured overlays or colorimetry assessment. The colorimetry assessment is carried out using a specialist piece of equipment called an intuitive colorimeter which enables us to find out the precise tint that helps to make reading easier for your child.

If we do discover signs of visual stress through our assessments, we will then explain your child’s options to you. Coloured overlays are a straightforward and effective solution for reading textbooks, but some children find that coloured glasses for dyslexia are more helpful. These offer the same advantage as coloured overlays, but can also be used for reading off screens and whiteboards at school, along with other everyday situations at home.

If you have concerns about your child’s reading or learning and think they may benefit from our specialist assessments, why not bring them along to our opticians in Staines for an eye test to check their vision and eye health first so we can advise whether further tests are needed? It’s easy to book online, or you alternatively, call us on 0178 444 9992 and talk to a member of staff if you’d like more information.