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Are Contact Lenses for Me?

If you like the idea of playing sports, socialising and getting on with your daily life without having to wear your glasses, contact lenses may be for you. Say goodbye to heavy frames, a narrowed field of vision and misplaced glasses this summer. Available in a variety of options to suit every lifestyle, we can help you find your perfect match!

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily Contact Lenses

The name says it all. Put a fresh pair of lenses in each morning and dispose of them at bedtime. This reduces the risk of microbial infections, and they don’t need cleaning before you put them in. Whether you want to make the switch permanently or simply try contacts part-time, your eyes will appreciate the modern materials, including soft lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses. Daily contact lenses are perfect for those of you who want to mix and match with glasses.

2-Weeklies and Monthlies

2-Weeklies and Monthlies

These contact lenses are reusable and best for people who want to ditch wearing glasses full-time. You can even get extended wear lenses that you can wear overnight. That being said, you will need to give them a bit more TLC as they have to last for longer than dailies, so make sure you disinfect them thoroughly before putting them in and store them in a cleaned contact lens case with fresh solution when you remove them. These are ideal if you have a stronger prescription.

Specialized Contact Lenses

Specialised Contact Lenses

The contact industry is constantly innovating. This means that we can offer contact lenses to manage more and more eye conditions.

Toric lenses help correct the vision of people who have astigmatism, which is where the eye is a slightly different shape, meaning spherical lenses would be ineffective. Available in daily or monthlies, silicone hydrogel or standard hydrogel materials, they have improved many people’s lives.

Multifocal lenses for presbyopia can help those over the age of 45 to alter their focus from near to intermediate and distance, which is handy for up-close activities like reading, and driving.

To keep your eyes safe from ocular ‘sunburn’ (UV keratitis), look for UV-inhibiting lenses. These soft contact lenses guard your eyes from the harmful UVA/B rays found in sunlight, but it’s still important to pop on your sunglasses to protect your eyes and eyelids.

To find your perfect lenses and experience care-free vision this summer get in touch with our friendly team today.